Why Choose Trisha as Your Mediator?

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  • Mediation, in part, uses many of the skills of counselling, identifying interests and enabling participants to determine the outcome.
  • Trisha’s approach is non judgmental, patient yet energetic. She quickly establishes trust and an honesty when exploring interests and stumbling blocks.
  • She is experienced in managing highly charged emotional situations
  • She is able to encourage realism and a mutual understanding of both parties’ expectations.
  • She is experienced in working with organisations and individuals with competing interests.
  • Has been able to diffuse highly charged situations avoiding the need for litigation.

As health care seeks to balance user/patient needs with available finance and resources the possibilities for conflict increase. Yet the satisfactory resolution of such dispute is vital to both the long and short term interests of all involved. Conflict resolution strategies can be used in a variety of settings.  She is flexible and works throughout the UK.

Personnel Approach to Mediation

Trisha believes that the mediation process provides a “safe and confidential” opportunity for the widening and exploration of issues and interests through dialogue. Her style is calm, realistic but determined. She brings to mediation a combination of the skills of both mediation and counselling, is an active listener, creative and is able to remain impartial to all participants. She believes in the process of alternative dispute resolution and is able to help the participants seek agreement through the development of wider perceptions of the issues of all participants.

Mediation Qualifications

MSc, RN, SCM, HV, Accredited Mediator

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Patricia Bannister MBE
Adv. Dip. Counselling
PGC clinical supervision
MSc.,RN,SCM,HV,Adv. Dip. Nursing
Tel: 01531 632015
Mobile: 07522 257865

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