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“Trisha has exceptional people skills. She is able to build a trusting and effective relationship quickly, and is calm, insightful and thoughtful. I felt listened too and important to her yet she was able to create an environment where I could think of alternative solutions to the issues that seemed insurmountable". Work colleague

Mediation is widely described as alternative dispute resolution through an accredited third party – the mediator.

The aim of the mediator is to assist the participants to reach a mutually acceptable solution, through facilitated negotiation. It is not for the mediator to impose one.

If successful it is a binding agreement, if unsuccessful the participants may then proceed to assert their legal rights through arbitration or the courts. It is a confidential process without prejudice, which means, discussions which happen within mediation remain within the mediation forum and cannot be used in any future proceedings.

Our current legal system is often one of adversarial practice and is sometimes not the most effective or preferred way of settling disputes. It is complicated, time consuming and often expensive.

As participants are rarely familiar with the mediation process, it is helpful if the mediator outlines the process on the day and that each of the participants provides the mediator with papers outlining the issues in dispute and how they have arisen, in advance of the mediation. It is helpful to confirm that there is a “will to settle”.

Mediation Qualifications

MSc, RN, SCM, HV, Accredited Mediator

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Patricia Bannister MBE
Adv. Dip. Counselling
PGC clinical supervision
MSc.,RN,SCM,HV,Adv. Dip. Nursing
Tel: 01531 632015
Mobile: 07522 257865

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