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I am an experienced clinician and able to build a trusting relationship with clients who seek to work with me. My approach is integrative; I am experienced in various models of counselling but recognize the importance of the individual needs of each client when bringing these therapies to counselling. Friends and family are important to all of us but sometimes its more helpful to talk to someone we don’t know, someone who will listen, not judge us but offer a safe place within the confines of professional confidentiality.

My particular work has been with

  • People and families affected by disfigurement  
  • Emotional, physical and sexual abuse both with women and men
  • Domestic violence
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Fear
  • Depression
  • Low self esteem
  • Childbirth and postnatal period
  • Stillbirth and miscarriage
  • Bereavement
  • Separation
  • Ill health and terminal illness
  • Workplace distress and sickness
  • Addictive behaviors- alcohol, gambling

Counselling Qualifications

MSc, RN, SCM, HV, Adv Diploma in Counselling, PGC Supervision I am bound by the BACP code of ethics and registered with the Counselling Directory.


Person centred therapy; is dependent on the belief that we are all experts over our own lives and have internal resources to help us. This may not feel possible in times of confusion and distress but within a warm, safe and meaningful relationship a client can begin to explore different aspects of an experience, which challenge this negative concept.

Mindfulness’:  works with the present, helping clients become aware of thoughts and feelings that occur within certain situations and instead of being overwhelmed by them learn to manage them.

Psychotherapeutic counselling: aims to explore concerns and difficulties in a holistic way, working and exploring the meaning placed on them and the impact they may have on physical, emotional and spiritual life.
This approach will often draw on past experiences to understand current responses.

Behavioral therapy: looks at behaviors, which cause distress and the thoughts and feelings that may be causing them. Outcome is aimed at exploring the possibilities of adaptive behavior, which may lead to change.

Humanistic therapies: focuses on our capabilities in areas such as personnel growth, creativity and life choices. A counsellor explores how individuals perceive themselves and helps recognize individual strengths, growth, self direction and responsibilities. 


I am able to see you during the day and evening time. I can offer an initial 1/2hour session to establish your needs, your expectations and the practical aspects of fees, time and place. Recently I have been able to establish Skype/Facetime consultations in situations where face to face is not convenient or possible. Counselling is a partnership and is dependent on being able to form a trusting working relationship. The length of time you may wish to remain in counselling varies with each individual but the choice is yours.

Cancellations and missed sessions

Counselling requires a commitment from both client and counselor. If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so at least 24hours before the appointed time.  


£20 for initial 30 minute appointment

£45 per 1 hour session; £55 for 1.5 hours

£55 per 1 hour session

For an initial meeting, with no obligation, please contact me.

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Patricia Bannister MBE
Adv. Dip. Counselling
PGC clinical supervision
MSc.,RN,SCM,HV,Adv. Dip. Nursing
Tel: 01531 632015
Mobile: 07522 257865

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